Amputation and replantation

Alonso Peña D, Arnaiz García E, Rodríguez Mateos JI

Affiliation of the authors

Servicio de Cirugía Plástica. Cirugía Cardiovascular. Hospital Universitario Río Hortega. Valladolid, Spain.



Alonso Peña D, Arnaiz García E, Rodríguez Mateos JI. Amputation and replantation. Emergencias. 2011;23:211-7


Amputations due to accidental trauma have become more common in today’s world of

frequent travel, use of heavy machinery, and the practice of high-risk sports. An

understanding of how to handle amputations or severely damaged limbs has therefore

become increasingly important, so that reimplantation remains a viable treatment

option. Reimplantation of an amputated segment is considered a true emergency

procedure in which timing plays a key role. All personnel involved in such procedures

must coordinate their actions perfectly, starting at the moment of providing first aid at

the scene of the accident, and continuing with transfer to a hospital, emergency care on

arrival, surgery, rehabilitation, etc. All will contribute to the final outcome in important

ways. The aim of this update is to review current knowledge related to this type of injury.


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